Women’s health. Taken personally.

We were tired of waiting for women’s health to receive the prominence it deserves, so we’re leading the solution to give you everything you need to provide your patients with enhanced access to genuine, accurate, and authentic care.

Privia Women’s Health understands that caring for women is unique. We provide you with the resources, technology, and support you need to not only achieve better financial outcomes but to nurture your relationship with the women you serve.

Quality Care For All Women

We’ll set you up to run a successful business so you can focus on what really matters: your patients.

Better Economic Outcomes

Our team of experts secure optimal payer contracts for our independent physicians.

Population Health

Take care of your patients outside of your office with access to ancillaries, nurse care managers, pharmacists and more.

Say No to Burnout

Customized technology and streamlined workflows take the administrative burden off of you.

Proud to be Part of Privia

The best doctors in our community have joined together to form Privia Women’s Health (PWH), a high-performance medical group that puts women first. We’re united to provide better, more coordinated care… because women’s health is not an afterthought.


Our reality is that healthcare is a confusing, disorganized industry and we need to maintain the ability to provide women with the best care possible. Aligning with Privia Medical Group has given us the ability to remain independent while experiencing the benefits of a larger, more well-equipped network where the patient is paramount and healthcare is local.

Questions & Answers

1. How is Privia Women’s Health different from Privia Medical Group?

Privia Medical Group is a multi-speciality group of independent providers. While we have partnered with various women’s health providers, we felt that a greater presence was warranted. Thus, Privia Women’s Health was conceived.

2. How does Privia Women’s Health support women’s health providers?

Privia Women’s Health allows you to continue owning your practice, all while giving you the resources, technology, and support you deserve to meet the unique needs of caring for women.

3. Will I get any additional benefits from joining Privia Women’s Health?

Yes. Providers who join Privia Women’s Health receive access to the U.S. Women’s Health Alliance.

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